Corpusty & Saxthorpe - Replacement Dwelling

Site Location:
Wild Acres, Holt Road, Heydon

Designated Countryside

Development Typology:
Isolated Dwelling

Project Description:
Erection of Replacement Two-Storey Dwelling

Project Details:
The site lies within a former (now disused) lime works. The setting is characterised by mature tree belts and glimpsed views of the surrounding open landscape. The project involved the demolition of a modest two-storey dwelling and replacement with a 4 bed (360m2 ) dwelling.

The striking crisp and contemporary architecture was entirely designed around the principles of reacting to context, the topography of the landscape and having minimal impact on the rural setting.

The architects describe the design as an ‘organic form’ which takes inspiration from its natural surroundings. This concept does translate to the curved feature roofscape which follows the contours of the site. Drawing parallels between the verticality of the cladding and the trees is a slightly more difficult metaphor to appreciate.

The shallow pitch roof offers efficient use of space but also ensures that the dwelling has a low ridge height and does not exceed the original dwelling. The sleek curves offer a softening to the elevations and the large areas of glazing make the most of the natural light and views to the north. The internal spaces have certainly benefitted from this open feel.

The mix of materials is good with the cedar and copper cladding offering a strong sense of depth and colour variation to the building.  

There is also a highly sustainable side to this buildings construction with the inclusion of a ground source heat pump, high levels of insulation, timber frame construction and lime render.

Overall, this dwelling is vibrant and visually interesting. Its finishes are striking but above all its strengths are in its reaction to the site through its form and positioning which culminate in a unique piece of contemporary design.

Mix of materials and curved south elevation

Mix of materials and curved south elevation

The former bungalow and disused lime works

The former bungalow and disused lime works

Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 30, 2018

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