The Value of Design

Good design provides a whole host of benefits as our lives connect through the common built environment. Evidence suggests that the value of design can be felt through a range of social and economic areas including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Civic pride and cultural activity
  • Business
  • Crime prevention

Good design cannot simply be viewed as an aesthetic improvement to our environment, instead it must be seen as a way of improving quality of life, economic growth and community resilience. The success or failure of a community is often underpinned by the quality of the development around it.

The District is witnessing a period of sustained population growth, housing demand and economic pressure. Good design ensures attractive, usable, durable and adaptable places and is a key element of securing sustainable development. With these considerations in-mind, we cannot afford not to invest in good design.

Design considerations stretch from the macro scale of urban structure (town planning, transport and infrastructure networks) to the micro scale of detailing (porches, windows and materials). Whilst design is often delivered through a specific project or planning application, it is in fact a long-term process that continues to evolve over time. The affective layering of building, infrastructure, ecosystems, communities and cultures provides a unique source of identity, character and sense of place.