Seeking Design Advice?

Whatever the scale of development proposed, applying to the Council for pre-application advice will add value to the design quality of your scheme and it will help reduce potential uncertainties and delays by identifying any issues at an early stage.

Meaningful public consultation is a critical part of this process and whilst responsibility for this lies with the applicant, the Council strongly encourages you to undertake a thorough consultation process with the local community.

The Council currently offers two levels of tailored pre-application advice, these include:


This is intended for proposals that involve householder extensions and commercial development including change of use up to 499sqm. You could also use this level of service to seek an in principle view for larger proposals or for advice on constraints affecting the site, which may be relevant to your proposal i.e. conservation areas. Responses at this level will include a full planning history of the site.


Proposals which are subject to this level of service are likely to be predominantly householder extensions and small residential or commercial development. The applicant will need to provide plans of the proposed development and the Case Officer will carry out a site visit and will then provide written comments on the proposal. As part of the Silver service for small residential development or commercial development we will consult with other services within the Council where relevant, including:

  • Conservation and Design
  • Landscape and Ecology
  • Environmental Health/Public Protection
  • Strategic Housing
  • Economic Development

The diagram opposite illustrates the process which we would strongly recommend all applicants to follow in order to give yourself the best chance of securing planning permission.

For further information please visit the pre-application webpages: