Draft North Norfolk Design Guide

Since 1974 the North Norfolk Design Guide has helped shape development across the District. This latest version responds to new government policy as well as increasing development pressure and continues the commitment to raise design standards.


Conversion and reuse can offer a chance to save important buildings and contribute to sustainable communities.


Often getting the finer details right can be critical to ensure a development reacts well to context.

Heritage Assests

Cultural heritage contributes to the local economy and plays a vital role in delivering sustainable development.

Householder Design

Householder alterations offer the opportunity to improve and adapt dwellings for changing needs and circumstances.


Material choice and finishes can have a significant influence over a developments perception and successful integration.

Non-Residential Design

Whether it be a supermarket, agricultural barn or place of worship, these uses all pose their own design challenges.

Residential Development

Design should be a key driving force in the delivery of new residential development.

Landscape & Biodiversity

New development should enhance the natural environment and protect vital habitats.

Sustainability & Technical Standards

The quality of new development is underpinned by a variety of standards set at local and national level.

Case Studies

Explore award winning case studies from across the District.

Shopfronts & Advertisement

Promotion and effective advertisement is essential for business communication.

Signposting & Glossary

Explore additional guidance and links to other sources of information.