Design of places is an important part of planning at every scale. Since it’s first publication in 1974, the North Norfolk Design Guide has helped shape development across the District.

The Guide has been regularly updated to react to new and emerging themes. This latest version is no exception and responds to new government policy as well as the District's growing housing stock and the need to secure high quality residential development.

The main purpose of the Guide is to offer support to anyone involved or interested in design matters within the unique setting of North Norfolk. The objective is simple, the collective commitment to raise the quality of design within the District.

The Guide covers a wide range of subject areas from conversions to conservation and supermarkets to signage. The Guide can never take a one size fits all approach. Instead, it provides broad principles that take into account the unique characteristics of North Norfolk and its community. It inspires creative responses to specific design challenges and encourages custodianship of our shared environment.

The value of good design has been well documented. The quality of our neighbourhoods, towns and villages impact our daily lives. Design effects how we live, work, socialise and the economy in which we operate. Essentially, design contributes to everyone’s quality of life and has the power to influence our physical health and wellbeing.