Custom & Self Build

The processes of Custom and Self Build design provide opportunities for innovative, flexible and affordable design that add to the diversity of the housing sector and offer the great advantage of meeting the unique needs of their future inhabitants.

Growing the Custom and Self Build sector is one route to creating a more diverse and stable housing market. The Council recognises that custom build and self build can deliver high-quality, affordable, sustainable and flexible housing and are working to ensure that these forms of housing provision are fully supported by local policy.

Self Build covers someone who directly organises the design and construction of their new home, while Custom Build covers someone who commissions a specialist developer to help to deliver their own home.

  • Self Build - During this process the buyer needs to find and purchase a suitable site for their requirements, hire a builder and get planning permission before proceeding with the management and construction of their home.
  • Custom Build - During this process a developer offers a selection of plots, home manufacturers and design solutions from which the buyer will choose. The client then has the chance to customise elements of the design to suit their own needs and tastes.

Many feel that self-provision and design is likely to result in better quality housing due to the user-led development prioritising long-term value and quality over short-term value. The main advantage of Custom Build and Self Build homes is that they are specifically tailored to meet the end-user's specific requirements, whether that entails future proofing the home or taking care of an elderly or disabled family member. As the cost of traditionally procured housing increases, Custom and Self Build designs become an attractive option to consumers.

Finding the right plot

The Council manages a Custom and Self-Build Register where you can express an interest in building your own home and following the custom and self build process.

Custom Build Process

Custom Build Process

Last Reviewed: Saturday, November 17, 2018

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