Landscape Sensitivity Study

North Norfolk District is faced with a wide range of challenges arising from a changing climate. Balancing the need to make a meaningful contribution towards reducing harmful emissions from our energy use (through cleaner energy production) with the management of North Norfolk’s unique landscape being one of these challenges. North Norfolk District has good conditions to produce renewable energy, but also has high environmental value for its wildlife, cultural record of society's use of the land and its natural beauty.

The Landscape Sensitivity Study (LSS) seeks to identify appropriate locations for development, and can also be one of the considerations to be taken into account when making decisions on planning applications. The document informs the management of landscape change, by assessing and mapping the relative sensitivity of different landscapes to different types of change, based on an understanding of sensitivity and value.

Please visit the LSS webpage for further information. 

"To help increase the use and supply of renewable and low carbon energy and heat, plans should...provide a positive strategy for energy from these sources, that maximises the potential for suitable development, while ensuring that adverse impacts are addressed satisfactorily (including cumulative landscape and visual impacts)". NPPF 151

Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 30, 2018

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