Landscape Character Assessment

The Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) identifies what makes North Norfolk a place unique, and serves as a framework for decision making that respects local distinctiveness. This latest version continues to define the character of the landscape and what makes one area distinct or different from another.

Understanding the character of place and evaluating an area’s defining characteristics is a key component in managing growth sustainably and ensuring that the inherent qualities of North Norfolk’s landscape can continue to be celebrated, creating places that people can be proud of. Understanding of character can be used to ensure that any change or development does not undermine whatever is valued or characteristic in a particular landscape.

The LCA apportions the landscape of the District into two levels of character assessment (Types and Areas). These are mapped locations which demonstrate a similar character and appearance at two different scales; one fairly broad (Types) and one more detailed (Areas). The landscape types (see above map) have been identified has having similar patterns of geology, landform, soils, vegetation, land use, settlement and field pattern in each area in which they occur. This does not mean that they will be identical, but that they have a common pattern of elements.

Please visit the LCA webpage for further information.

"Planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by...protecting and enhancing valued landscapes, sites of biodiversity or geological value and soils (in a manner commensurate with their statutory status or identified quality in the development plan)". NPPF Para 170

Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 30, 2018

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