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Service Connections & Boxes 

The appearance of new buildings can be spoilt by having white plastic meter boxes fixed to their front elevations. Where practical, these should be sited on less prominent elevations or even underground. Alternatively, they can be recessed behind boarded doors as an integral part of a façade, or painted an appropriate colour to lessen their impact. They should, however, always be fitted in publicly accessible places to avoid unnecessary trespass.

Rainwater Goods & Soil Vent Pipes 

Even the most effective design can be undermined by inappropriate or unduly prominent pipework. For example, plastic guttering, downpipes and soil vent pipes are susceptible to sunlight and temperature changes and can soon discolour, fade and become brittle requiring earlier repair or replacement than many other more suitable alternatives. Plastic guttering is also less capable of resisting the load forces of a ladder when carrying out routine maintenance. It is therefore recommended that, in most cases, painted metal drainage and soil vent products should be used instead. These should be located as unobtrusively as possible and painted in dark, recessive colours to reduce visual impact. Depending on local context, they should also be sited carefully or even finished flush with walls to reduce the risk of high-level egress or escape.

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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