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Shopfronts and Advertisement Overview  

Every town or village centre is unique and made up of a rich variety of buildings that have evolved over time and reacted to changes in economic climate, trends and cultural influences. Ensuring our local business remain viable and contribute to the character and appearance of the area is vital to all those visiting and utilising the services and goods on offer.  

Within these centres, the design of shopfronts and advertisements has a significant effect on the appearance of individual buildings and their setting. It is therefore vital that businesses, as well as considering their own individual needs, also pay due regard to the wider effects of any proposed design.

Whilst the majority of the Districts retail and advertisement uses are based within town centres, it is important to tackle the increasing abundance of signage and advertisement taking place outside of these settlements and within the countryside.

The following sub-sections offer further advise on the use, siting and design of shopfronts and advertisement.

Policy states that:

Advertisements and signs (illuminated & non- illuminated) should be appropriate and relevant to the business or premises for which it has been created and be sensitively designed and located having regard to the character of the building on which they are to be displayed and/or the general characteristics of the locality. The size scale, material, colour scheme and any means of illumination selected should be appropriate to the local area and in areas of historic value, such as conservation areas, particular regard should be had to any impact of the proposal on the character and appearance of the area. Proposals which obscure features of architecture or historical interest, or are uncharacteristic of a buildings design, will not be permitted.

The creation of new shopfronts, or the replacement / alteration of an existing frontage should be well designed to reflect the character of the surrounding area and seek, where possible, to enhance the visual amenity of the local area. Proposals should have regard to:
•The existing character of the area;
•The suitability of the overall form, scale and architectural detail in relation to the overall appearance of the building;
•The suitability of materials in relation to the overall appearance of the building

Proposals for advertisements and shopfronts should have regard to the guidance contained in the NNDC Design Guide SPD.

Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 30, 2018

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